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5 Responses to “Testimonials”

  1. Sarita Gupta Says:

    My son got some Math tutoring from Mrs. Green for only a few weeks and he was able to improve his grade. He really enjoyed working with him. She came to our house and always on time. The commitment was only week to week. I will hire her again next school year if needed. Thank you, Mrs. Green.

  2. Jennifer Sim Says:

    My daughter was completely lost in Geometry last year with a grade of C in the class. Shortly after help from Ms. Green, she was able to pull her grade up to a B and then to an A. She received A’s on her report card for the rest of the year.

    Ms. Green is a very caring, hard-working and a very skilled teacher. We highly recommend Ms. Green for anyone out there who is suffering in Math and interested in improvement of their grades.

    Thank you truly, Ms. Green!! 🙂

  3. Ellen Dawe Says:

    Mrs. Green tutored my daughter in Algebra 1 this past spring. We were working with another tutor and there was not any improvement in my daughter’s grade. As soon as she started working with Mrs. Green, her grades improved and most importantly, she regained her confidence. Each week after Mrs. Green would leave our house, my daughter would say, “I understand the concept now. I don’t know why my teacher didn’t explain it that way.” Mrs. Green is a great teacher and person. I highly recommend Mrs. Green to anyone needing a math tutor.
    Thank you Mrs. Green!

  4. Jessie Williams Says:

    Mrs. Green was an excellent tutor for me this past year in Geometry – I would highly recommend her!!! She was very flexible with tutoring times and was very knowledgeable. She is a great person to be around and made learning Geometry easier.

    • Priya Krishnan Says:

      Ms. Green was an excellent tutor. My daughter was in the AAP program and she found Geometry quite challenging. Ms. Green was an great help for her. She was more confident, her grades got better and she got an A in the final grade. Ms. Green is a very soft spoken and kind teacher, really really awesome to work with. My daughter was very happy with Ms. Green. I highly recommend her!!

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